Judging by the rain the UK summer is here ... I think...

As in past years, we are going to take a brief sabbatical and stop flooding your email inbox with charts until the end of the month. Those of you that can’t live without a research-fix - I have a couple of reading recommendations for you for the break – 2 books I’ve read and enjoyed:
Personally I am reading "An economist walks into a brothel" by Alison Schrager. This ‘unusually’ titled book not only makes economists sound vaguely risqué, as it is an exposition of how people in extreme risk situations manage risks, it also getting wide acclaim in the economics and investment community. I guess it just ‘caught my eye’…
I’m off to the beach to risk manage my way into some waves. Sun is out and the surfs up in south west France! Take care and please reach out if you need anything.
Kind regards